Donation Requests

What is your event and donation program?
We are a family company, and our community is part of the family too. This is why helping local communities and organizations is so important for us. We do it through product donation, either for one-time or recurring events. If you have a big event coming, or if you belong to a sports league and need delicious snacks, please reach out!

We also donate to local food rescue organizations like White Pony Express, as well as food banks and pantries helping those in need.

What does your donation program provide?

The program is currently set up for product donation only. We do not provide monetary donations or gift certificates.

All donated products must be picked up at our manufacturing facility in Richmond, CA. We are unable to ship or deliver products.

Freezer space must be available for our desserts as they need to be frozen up to two to three hours before the event in order to ensure the best quality.

What else besides product does Brioche Pasquier | Galaxy Desserts provide?

We are happy to provide our logo, product picture and description for you to use in promoting your event on flyers, T-shirts, websites, banners and beyond! 

We do ask, however, that you use our logo only if you receive a “yes” to sponsorship, and authorize us to communicate about our donation to your organization on our platforms.

What if you have sponsored my event in the past?

If we have sponsored your event in the past that does not automatically mean we will be able to sponsor your event year after year. As much as we love to remain loyal to those who are loyal to us, we have limited resources. We hope you understand!

What is the application process for a donation and when can I expect to hear back from you?

Fill out the donation request form

Send it to us about 30 days prior to your event.

We will then let you know what products we can offer, and send you instructions as far as pick up and storage.

If you have additional questions, please send an email to