Where and how can I buy your products?
For wholesale and foodservice customers, Galaxy Desserts sells through distributors all over the United States. To receive information about a distributor near you, please call toll free (800) 225-3523 or e-mail us at sales@galaxydesserts.com. For retail customers, please see our Store Finder for a retail outlet near you.

How do I store and prepare your desserts?
All of our desserts are very easy to prepare. Please view our Storage and Serving Instructions for more detailed information on a specific dessert.

I'm interested in buying your desserts for wholesale, retail, or foodservice, could I please receive a brochure/catalog?
We are happy to provide you with a catalog, plus any additional information you might need. Please call our toll-free Customer Service line at (800) 225-3523, or e-mail us at sales@galaxydesserts.com

How can I order your amazing croissants?
Our croissants are sold exclusively through Williams-Sonoma. To order, please click here.

Can I come to your facility and buy desserts?
Galaxy Desserts does not have a retail location at our plant. For retail customers, please see our Store Finder for a retail outlet near you. For wholesale and foodservice customers, please call (510) 439-3160 or e-mail us at sales@galaxydesserts.com for more information.

Is there a café at your place?
While our products are on the menus of many fine restaurants, Galaxy Desserts does not operate any cafés of our own. To purchase our desserts, please consult our Store Finder for a retail outlet near you.

How can I (or my group) get a tour of your facility?
While we are often very busy making our wonderful desserts, we like to find time to help out local organizations and school groups. To check availability or make an appointment, please call (510) 439-3160 or e-mail us at info@galaxydesserts.com

Do you have job openings?
Galaxy Desserts offers a fun and dynamic work environment. We’re always looking for enthusiastic individuals who are eager to plunge into delicious new tasks. For available positions, please check our job postings.

Are your products natural and safe?
We guarantee that all our gourmet desserts are made under the highest safety and quality conditions. Galaxy Desserts' products are:
All natural
Trans fat free
No artificial colors or flavors
Kosher certified (KSA-Dairy)

To ensure the highest food safety, Galaxy Desserts operates under the principles of HACCP and standard Good Manufactoring Practices.

In October 2013, Galaxy Desserts received the SFQ certification.
In March of 2007, Galaxy Desserts achieved an “Excellent” rating of 96.8 in its comprehensive 3rd Party Food Safety and GMP Audit by Silliker.

Silliker’s audit thoroughly checked every part of Galaxy Desserts’ facilities including food safety, pest control, employee practices, & facility conditions.

Are your products kosher? By which certification?
Our products are Kosher-Dairy certified by KSA (Kosher Supervision of America). KSA is recognized and accepted by rabbinical associations throughout the world. It is the largest Orthodox certification agency in the western United States. For more information, please visit www.KSAKosher.com.

Are your plastic Mousse Duo cups recyclable?
Yes they are. You can also reuse them! The Duo cups are the perfect size to plant small seedlings for your herb garden. For arts and crafts lovers, your empty cups and lids can be used to sort small craft pieces such as beads or pins. They can even be used for watercolor paint! Please share your stories and we'll update our site with your ideas (with your permission of course!).

Are any of your products gluten free?
Galaxy Desserts offers a choice of many gluten-free products such as our Crème Brulee, many of our Dessert Duos and Macarons.

Do your products contain trans fats? Do you have fat-free products?
We are proud of the fact that none of our products contain trans fats or hydrogenated oils. Currently, we do not offer any fat-free desserts. However, we have a wide selection of desserts suitable for those concerned with their calorie intake. The Raspberry Lemon Mousse Duo has only 110 calories!

How long have you been in business?
Galaxy Desserts was founded in 1998 as the result of a merger between two outstanding dessert companies, Paris Delights and The Cheesecake Lady. The new, stronger company is pledged to combining the traditions of true French pastry with the freshness, beauty and innovation of California cuisine. Find out more about Galaxy Desserts' history.

Is Galaxy Desserts SQF certified?
Yes, Galaxy Desserts is Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certified since 2010. Food safety has been a top priority for Galaxy Desserts and achieving the SQF certification exemplifies the company's core value of 'Exceptional'. See the press release on our SQF Certification.